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>geoLOGIC basinINTEL -- powered by BetaZi™
geoLOGIC basinINTEL -- powered by BetaZi™ is a pre-computed, pre-packaged forecast-based intel bundle covering all of Western Canada. Each bundle is a library of BetaZi probabilistic well forecasts on every well in the zone, along with data, type curves, and basic economics. It is delivered in a series of Spotfire projects through geoLOGIC.  



The BetaZi Opinion (BZO) is a  a custom run of BetaZi probabilistic production forecasts on every well in a deal. 

The Oil & Gas Financial Market’s BPO,  allowing investors to compute, calibrate, understand and exploit the risk factor of an asset to identify the most profitable deals. Delivered in an interactive Spotfire project. 

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