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NOCs and IOCs need a tool for secure, reliable intelligence on oil & gas production. bzOnSite™ was built to provide these forecasts. BetaZi™ can install bzOnSite™ into your secure environment for protection of your proprietary data.

This powerful custom BetaZi tool enables your engineering team to:

  • Set reliable budget forecasts on-demand with the range of uncertainty clearly defined

  • Audit and monitor probable lease revenues vs. payments received

  • Properly value undrilled acreage for maximum lease rates and valuations 

There is also a clear role for BetaZi in regulatory agencies charged with oversight of O&G reporting. bzOnSite™ can provide internally-transparent intelligence for these watchdog entities.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”                                                                                         – Albert Einstein 

bzOnSite™ is fully-egalitarian with regard to data input; it will pull data from any source you currently use and export the results to the program of your choice for economic modeling and evaluation. High-tech solutions should be simple, in our opinion.

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