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The Team Behind BetaZi

BetaZi LLC was organized in 2012 to develop the BetaZi technology. Company cofounders Dr. Nimar S. Arora and Dr. Heidi Anderson Kuzma had a prior history of working together for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization on global seismic monitoring. Both did their doctoral work at the University of California, Berkeley, where they collaborated on projects with overlapping applied geophysics and machine learning components. They hold multiple patents and have been extensively published in scientific journals and conference papers. Cofounder Janette Conradson has wide-ranging business management, new company development and accounting/finance experience. Together they saw the need in the market for accurate, automatic production forecasting for oil and gas, and they formed BetaZi to commercialize the technology and capitalize on its disruptive potential.

Janette Conradson: CEO/CFO, Founder


Janette Conradson was first to believe in the potential economic impact of BetaZi technology and formed BetaZi LLC to be its champion and bring it to market. Prior to organizing BetaZi LLC, she was CFO for Emblem Exploration, LLC, a provider of geophysical surveys and data interpretation for oil, gas and gold exploration. Prior to her roll at Emblem, Ms. Conradson was President of an accounting company where she worked with small and mid-sized companies assisting with budgeting, financial planning, financial statement review and interpretation, as well as assistance in general accounting, often acting as Controller. Ms. Conradson studied Business and Economics at Bethany University in Scotts Valley, California.

Dr. Heidi A. Kuzma: Chief Innovation Officer, Founder


Heidi Kuzma has a PhD in Applied Geophysics from UC Berkeley with a focus on computer learning for physical applications, an MS from UC Berkeley in Applied Geophysics, and a Bachelor of Science in Geophysics and Planetary Science from the California Institute of Technology, as well as more than twenty years of experience in mineral exploration for oil, gas and gold. She has contributed to and published on a large number of projects which combine computer learning with physical systems, including building a Self-Teaching Expert System (SeTES) for shale gas production and discovery, inventing a system for tunnel detection using the passive seismic signal from motor vehicles, and developing metrics for the evaluation of computer learning algorithms for seismic data analysis. She has also worked in atmospheric fluid flow, frame semantics, programming Graphics Processing Units, and Uncertainty Quantification via polynomial chaos.

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