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Financial investors in the O&G market can now take advantage of BetaZi forecasting technology for fast, simple, and accurate deal evaluation with our BZO™ service. With data that you provide or we pull down from public sources, plus development plans and any other forecasts you may have for comparison, we can swiftly return to you an interactive Spotfire project with BetaZi forecasts on all of the wells, plus type curves and basic economics. 



Engineered risk:

The risk profile of a financial instrument composed of assets that have been carefully chosen or hedged to match the objectives of a particular investor

BZO enables investors to radically reduce deal screening time while greatly increasing confidence in the accuracy of production forecasts and allowing more time for quality due diligence.

Speed in Deal Screening


BZO™ allows you to:


Spot "red flags" early on in sales packages and valuations

Understand the baseline value of an opportunity faster than your competitor

Identify the upside opportunities that might otherwise be hidden deep in the data

Rapidly screen a portfolio of wells to optimize upside potential and risk


Actionable Intelligence


Using the advanced BetaZi engine, we forecast reserves on an entire project from scratch and ensure that they are correctly aggregated so that a p90 truly means a p90. Analysts then take a hard look at what the numbers mean, compare them to previous forecasts, make sure nothing has been overlooked, and tell you if and where due diligence needs to be focused.


Statistically Driven


In the inherently risky field of O&G production, BZO™ is the only product that can quickly supply decision-makers with the actual odds of Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR). With current industry models (long unchanged despite technological advances), a user only gets one answer, which is dependent on over-simplified physics and the subjective opinion of the individual running the program.


BZO™ is able to automatically and accurately calculate the EUR of oil and gas production by:


1. Generating not just one but a million different decline curves using the given information,

2. Calculating the probability of each decline curve occurring,

3. Producing graphical reports to show the client all such curves, and

4. Allowing the client to thereby make a fully-informed decision on his or her own.


Real World Scenarios


Unlike other models, BetaZi does not get confused by multistage stimulations, transient production, shut-ins, or the extra production that tends to occur afterwards. The data is used to draw strong conclusions about the history of a well and how it has been affected by operations, as well as to predict future production. Reality Check™ results are returned inside a concise report with an interactive spreadsheet, which allows the investor to vary assumptions on price, taxes, capital, operating expenditures, and other factors.










BetaZi is a transformative technology in the analysis and classification of mineral wells, fields, deposits, reservoirs, etc. including those pertaining to oil, natural gas, water, geothermal fluids, and/or other types of minerals; mining & mineral exploration services; surveying of oil beds and fields; and performing diagnostics pertaining to the same. 



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