MUG Conference Members Respond Enthusiastically to BetaZi 4Cast

On October 16th our team was in Houston to present BetaZi technology to attendees of the Merrick Users Group (MUG) Conference at the Four Seasons. Merrick announced the availability of its new PM4Cast module powered by BetaZi, and our own Dr. Heidi Kuzma gave a presentation to the audience of 150 or so. Reception was enthusiastic, with users excited to have a real product that would apply Big Data model methods to their production forecasting. They were especially looking forward to using 4Cast to do well surveillance, which had been at the top of their wish list when we introduced them to BetaZi the previous year in order to get their feedback for development.

Merrick is currently taking pre-sales orders, with the release of PM4Cast scheduled for December. The BetaZi forecasting module is available to Production Manager and RIO users and is fully integrated into the PM environment.

MUG pictures coming soon!

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