BetaZi for Producers: geoLOGIC basinINTEL

geoLOGIC basinINTEL™ is offered as part of BetaZi's Basin Studies product line. basinINTEL uses geoLOGIC's Canadian data and is sold and supported by geoLOGIC systems in Calgary. The product consists of a series of pre-computed, comprehensive studies based on BetaZi probabilistic well forecasts for every well in a basin or zone. Using solid data and sold by annual subscription, they are each delivered as interactive Spotfire projects that include download capabilities of datasets into Excel and most other standard industry programs. The interactive visualization environment allows users access to multi-filtered map and graph results for an unprecedented look at a reservoir, operator, or county of a select asset group. Forecasts are re-run and studies are updated monthly.

BasinAlpha™ and geoLOGIC basinINTEL packages includes these prime BetaZi features:

  • p10-p90 spread (uncertainty profile)

  • 30-year EUR/15/30-year forecasts

  • associated type curves, including by operator

  • 1st-pass economics

  • clean and complete data

Automatic forecasting technology

BetaZi frees your engineers and other geotechnical professionals to focus on the higher-level critical reasoning and decision making they should be focused on. BetaZi’s advanced forecasting algorithm implicitly handles shut-ins, workovers and other significant well events, integrating all events in the underlying data into the model and providing probabilistic ranges of forecast results.


While the ultimate quality check will always lie with your organization’s experienced professionals, BetaZi automates and improves the analytical process, enabling professionals to quickly QC the analyses and then move on to what they do best, namely leveraging that analysis to make decisions and create value for your organization.


The probabilistic ranges of predictions provided by BetaZi yield greater understanding of forecasted business performance and enable you to make better business decisions and focus your engineering efforts on key business drivers.







BetaZi is a transformative technology in the analysis and classification of mineral wells, fields, deposits, reservoirs, etc. including those pertaining to oil, natural gas, water, geothermal fluids, and/or other types of minerals; mining & mineral exploration services; surveying of oil beds and fields; and performing diagnostics pertaining to the same. 



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